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Start a Climate Action Group

Running a group already? Register now.

If you are already part of a community Climate Action Group in Australia, register your group here and we can add you to the Climate Action Groups map, list you in the directory and give you space to post articles & events from your group. Also see Resources for information on climate science, solutions, policy and campaigning. If you need any assistance, just contact us.


Set regular meetings in advance. These are great for brainstorming ideas, feeding back information to the group and checking in on tasks and activities.
Establish the following roles:

  • Facilitator – to ensure people stick to an agenda
  • Timekeeper – people need to get home so make sure you don’t go over time
  • Minute taker – its easy to forget key decisions and task allocations so write them down and email them to everyone after the meeting.

Maybe make every 4th meeting a more ’social’ event and meet at the local pub or café – great for attracting new members and remembering to have some fun as well!

Goals and planning

Planning and goal setting are very important and will help measure your success and keep the group on track. Agree upon your objectives – what do you stand for, what do you want to achieve? All members should be clear about these – document it. Develop a ‘mission statement’ which includes; what you do, who is involved and why you are unique. Check out the Resources page for help with setting goals and developing strategy.

Name and identity

Choose a name for the group and when you have a few committed members you may wish to become incorporated. For more information go to the Office of Fair Trading.

Have a group launch/fund-raiser

Organise an event that will raise awareness of your group and its goals. This will help promote it in your local area and also give your group the opportunity to get some coverage in the local media. Our advice is to keep these friendly, local and inoffensive. Examples include: film screening, trivia night, theatre show, dinner at a local restaurant with guest speaker.

Contact local media

Prepare a short media release. Contact us if you would like some assistance with this. Send this to the editors of local publications and newspapers.


Register on and start blogging! This will attract interest in your group. You could also set up your own simple website (eg. or and an email contact (eg. Gmail). Collect contacts of interested people/supporters and produce an interesting e-newsletter to keep them informed of your activities. It’s also not a bad idea to establish a bank account and get a PO Box for snail mail.

Local council/politicians

Let your local councilors and elected politicians know that your group has formed. Ask for a meeting with your local member of parliament and discuss your concerns with them. There may also be opportunities to seek small amounts of funding through community grants through your local council.


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  • 1 Erland’s Ranting » Blog Archive » Climate action in the local paper // Nov 12, 2008 at 12:46 am

    [...] to start a new climate action group in areas of Sydney where there isn’t one already. Here’s the kind of guide we’ll be giving people, and here’s a map of all the Climate Action Groups we currently [...]

  • 2 Paul Hanly // May 14, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    Ask your local Sustainable Cities committee to ask your local Council or Shire to pass a resolution like the one that City of Canada Bay (Drummoyne/
    Concord in Sydney, NSW) passed.

    Here is the exact resolution passed by City of Canada Bay.

    Note that they are asking for it to go on the Local Government meeting Agenda, so it would be great if other Councils passed similar resolutions.

    By having the exception for CCS even the Liberal councillors voted in favour of the resolution which had unanimous support!

    ITEM-16 Notice of Motion – Cr. Tyrrell – Moratorium on the Construction of all New Coal Fired Power Stations in NSW

    M- 2105 RESOLVED

    (Crs Tyrrell/O’Hara)

    1. THAT the City of Canada Bay Council call for a moratorium on the construction of all new coal fired power stations, unless these stations can achieve at least 90% capture and storage of Greenhouse Gas emissions from day one of operation.

    2. THAT the General Manager write to the State Member, Angela D’Amore, the Federal Member, John Murphy, The Premier of NSW, Nathan Rees, and Minister for Energy, Ian Macdonald, conveying the above resolution and briefly highlighting the efforts and achievements of Canada Bay Council and residents in reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions.

    3. THAT the motion be submitted to the Australian Local Government Association and the Local Government and Shires Association.

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