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Drummoyne Climate Action Group


  • Stop climate change
  • No new coal
  • No nuclear
  • Wind and solar now


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  • 1 Paul // Dec 14, 2008 at 9:17 am

    We need a safe climate and that means clawing back to 300ppm and reducing the temperature from the current rise of 0.8 to only 0.3.

    It is not safe to melt the arctic ice, cause the breakup of major Antarctic ice shelves, melt the tundra and release huge amounts of methane, and increase the rate of melt of glaciers and the Greenland ice cap, all of which is happening at 387ppm and 0.8 rise.

    450 and 2 degrees is madness!

    Watch Hansen video and read the Climate Safety report available on the web site.

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