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  • We are a national online campaign that gives ordinary people all over Australia a very quick and easy way to send short messages, by email or letter, to let our politicians know we want real leadership and much stronger policies to urgently address the threat of climate change. The aim of the campaign is to make it so easy for Australian citizens to take effective political action that thousands will do it.
  • Simply provide us with your email address and we will regularly send you:
    • Information about some current political aspect of climate change
    • A prepared email to a politician, that you can send as it is, or add a message of your own if you wish.
  • The information is fairly basic – mostly about a current issue in the media – the sort of thing any ordinary person may have noticed. Three clicks of your mouse is all it needs to take this political action. Contact details for writing a letter will also be given.


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  • 1 tony varcoe // Dec 9, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    Hi there. thought you might wish to hear a new song about climate change action called “All Hands on Deck”. You can hear it on Not interested in monetary gains- just hoping to spread the word. keep up the good work.

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